Abs After 40: Fitness And Nutrition Designed For Men Over 40

If you think that you are too old and out of shape to have abs, you are wrong. With the right workout program and dedication, you can drop that stubborn belly, get gorgeous muscles and sexy six pack. At your age, you can still feel good, healthy, look great and younger, thanks to Mark Mcilyar’s abs after 40.

What Is Abs After 40?

abs after 40 reviewThis tailored workout program created by Mark Mcilyar targets fat loss and enables you to have sporting abs and muscles which are as good as those for young men or even better.

Working out for men after 40 is so dificult, older age is characterized by factors that negatively affect workout programs, and these includes;

• Lack of energy.
• Stress.
• Low testosterone levels
• Lack of time.
• Poor nutrition.
• More responsibility

If you may be working hard but you can’t see better results, then you are possibly doing the wrong workouts. Most workouts are not designed to support older men’s deteriorating hormone system, and the hormones will always stay imbalanced and cancel out the positive results.

This Workout Program Includes The Following

Phase 1: Fat Loss Jump-start
This stage involves restarting the body’s ability to burn off fat. From your mid 20’s, your level of testosterone production begins to decline, resulting in the decline of your ability to burn fats. Abs after 40 exercise techniques will support hormone production and keep the fats off.

Phase 2: Male Hormone Optimization
In this phase, testosterone production is increased through workouts that feature compound movements with free weights that target muscles and hormones balance. When the male hormones are fully optimized, you will experience faster lean muscle growth, continuous fat burning ability, improvement in sex drive and boosted joint recovery. The dramatic transformations in your body will convince you that abs after 40 works, but at this phase, you will still be missing fully defined six pack abs.

Phase 3: Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode
This phase focuses on getting a lean muscular body as well as the complete set of six pack abs. Customized ab training exercises in phase 3 target the core muscles and the outer layer of your ab muscles at the same time. You will also lose the belly fat faster. Intense compound exercises that help your body to continue improving are also included in this phase.

Pros And Cons

• It improves your love life.
• Promotes healthy lifestyle.
• The program is 100% safe.
• Prolongs life.
• If you do not follow the program in detail, you will probably not achieve the perfect results.

These days, everyone claims to be a fitness instructor, and there are a variety of workout methods available on the web. Most of these random workouts feature the super intense workouts programs that take long hours and may lead to high impacts on your aged muscles and joints. It’s better to put your energy on the program that works rather than wasting your precious time on the trial and error web workout methods. Abs after 40 is designed and customized with the right workouts and proper nutrition for achieving six pack abs, great muscles, and healthy lifestyle.